Glasswinged Ascension update 1.8 is now available!

First of all, I wish to say thanks to all players who provided feedback and criticism regarding this game. Negative feedback wasn't less important than positive one, in fact. You helped me to correct and prioritize initial update plan, as well as shown some disadvantages I didn't even see. Observing this feedback and making major update based on it was really great experience. I see how my game becomes better, and wanna assure you this isn't the last major update I'm going to make.

So, let me show you what exactly I've improved in the game with the version 1.8:

  • All interactive buttons were removed from combat UI and replaced with hotkeys. 
  • Focus is no longer automatic action. Use corresponding hotkey to see farther while aiming.
  • Aiming without focus active doesn't prevent your character from turning around while moving.
  • Key binding system was implemented - keys can now be remapped any time via Controls menu.
  • Mission tips and dialogues UI were redesigned to become less distracting from the gameplay.
  • Both outsource fonts I used for UI and for some in-game assets were replaced with my own fonts.
  • Combat UI was reworked in favour of appearance and usability.
  • Dialogues and story overall quality was improved.
  • Overall visual quality of the game was improved.

I also made a small update (prior to version 1.8) to address a part of feedback faster. For example - made dialogues skipable and fixed number of bugs. Update 1.8 was the first major update, but like I said - it will not be the last one. There are still things I wish to add and improve.

Please, be advised that I no longer support mobile version of the game. It will not be removed from the stores, but it will have old version 1.5 and will never be updated again. The reason for doing so is that based on my own experience I found mobile platforms too restrictive and unstable for game development.


Glasswinged Ascension setup (version 1.8).exe 87 MB
Oct 02, 2017

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