Glasswinged Ascension update 2.0 is now available!

Hello :)

I'm glad to announce that Glasswinged Ascension update 2.0 is now available on Itch! You will see completely reworked UI, new mechanics, and improved usability. Now, to the list of changes and more details.

Update 2.0 improvements:
- Checkpoint save data can now be reset from within the game.
- User interface was reworked and improved.
- Focus mechanic was redesigned.

User interface started to look better and became a bit more user friendly. Now UI indicates which attacks were lethal, and which were non-lethal. Also there is no need in detection ranges tip now, as all enemies have laser-like indication as turrets and drones in previous versions. 

From update 2.0 and further, game camera will provide more field of view, so the old focus mechanic is not needed anymore. Now it works differently. Initially, all enemies were always visible as a part of protagonist's skepsiathy gift explanation, but it wasn't quite correct or fun as this ability wasn't supposed to detect non-organic objects. To fix that and make game more fun, I added the "fog of war" and changed focus ability, so now it can be used to detect organic enemies behind solid obstacles while protagonist isn't moving.

I really hope you will like the update :) If you have any feedback, please do not hesitate sharing your thoughts - this may help me to improve the game and plan future updates more precisely.

Sergey Kalmanovich (aka Red Spot Sylphina).


Glasswinged Ascension setup (version 2.0).exe 87 MB
Feb 24, 2018

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